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Rorketon Curling Club completes long awaited improvements to the Curling Rink

February 13 2024
Volunteers painting the Rorketon Curling RInk
Volunteers painting the Rorketon Curling RInk

Founded in 1954, the Rorketon Curling Club has provided generations with a place to participate in the exciting sport of curling and share important community events.  


In 2023/2024, the Rorketon Curling Club completed many upgrades to enhance and improve this important community facility.  Board members applied for, and were pleased to receive an Arts, Culture, and Sport in Community (ACSC) Grant to complete these long awaited improvements.  


The three main projects completed were: 

  • Purchase and implementation of the End-to-End ice system.  This product is a roll out mat with the white playing surface and rings that is placed prior to flooding of the ice surface in lieu of painting the entire area.  Using the mat system is a much faster and easier ice making process and also allows the refrigeration system to run more efficiently throughout the season. 
  • Installation of energy efficient LED light system throughout the playing surface.  
  • Cleaning and Re-painting of the entire playing area. 


Other upgrades undertaken by the Curling Club were a complete re-carpeting of the playing area, new scoreboards, and paint touchups throughout the facility.  


Receiving this grant was contingent on a large amount of community volunteerism to complete this work.  We are extremely proud of our community members and the area business community which pulled together to donate their time, equipment, and expertise!!  In total,  over 1000 volunteer hours and $15,000 in donated equipment and time was put into completing this work. 


After these upgrades, the ice still needs to be made and maintained for all the curlers to enjoy!  This is again a completely volunteer undertaking that requires many, many hours of dedicated work by several people.  


Throughout this season, the R.M of Lakeshore has provided integral and continued support to the Curling Club facility.  Investments and upgrades to the plant infrastructure and building allow for the continued enjoyment of our wonderful community building.  The support and staff assistance during these upgrades and throughout the curling season is another example of the great relationship enjoyed between the R.M and Rorketon Curling Club.  


We have a full season of events planned for 2024, and  we all look forward to seeing you at the Rink! 

Justin Panagapko

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